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Sparrow 222Pictures of Corbin Sparrow #222
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Corbin SparrowPhotos of my Corbin Sparrow Electric Car
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Ford F250 EV ConversionPictures taken while Converting a 95 Ford F-250 Supercab Longbed 4wd to Electric Drive
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Random files - Electric Vehicle
MKIIC regs for the front batteries3127 viewsThis is how I mounted all the MKIIC regs for the front batteries. I used a sheet of clear plexiglass to hold all the regs.
Coupler almost off2491 viewsThis is the coupler when it's just about cut off.
We would cut down to the keyway in the coupler, then we could pry it open just enough to tap it off the shaft.
Flywheel adapter is on!3002 viewsCooling it down after pressing it on to the shaft. (more like setting it on, and tapping it gently down.)
Mechanical link between Breakers2969 viewsThis shows how I made it so that only 1 of the 2 power inlet breakers can be ON at a time.
Both can be off, but only 1 can be ON.
Battery Box Bottom Insulation3179 viewsThe insulation on the bottom of the battery box is permanent, and will be encased in the fiberglass.
It's 2" (1.5" actual) foam board.
Cables into bed5166 viewsThis shows how I mounted and protected the cables that run from the front of the truck into the bed.
All under-truck cables are in some kind of conduit, or have a shield between them and the ground.

Last additions - Electric Vehicle
Decals on back3695 viewsI finally got the Decals on the truck.
Hopefully I'll get some good pictures of the ones on the sides as well.
Apr 18, 2010
Version 2 Genest Rack2962 viewsThe one worked pretty well, though I couldn't use the Sparrow rear body panel. I just mounted the license plate on the genset rack instead.Oct 09, 2009
Version 2 Genset Rack2778 viewsOct 09, 2009
Version 1 Genset Rack2866 viewsOct 09, 2009
Version 1 Genset Rack2975 viewsThis one was nice in that the Sparrow "rear panel" would just slide into the tubes. Just had to extend the wiring to reach.
The problem was that with all the weight of me and Genset, it would bottom out when going over big bumps.
Oct 09, 2009
DC cabling5107 viewsThis shows the DC power cableing done - except for the battery boxes themselves.May 29, 2009
Gauges4993 viewsI've mounted 4 gauges on the dash.
Charge Current, Pack Voltage, Battery Current, Motor Current.
May 29, 2009
Truck wiring AC conduit3343 viewsThe conduit for the AC wiring under the truck.May 29, 2009