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Last additions - Motor Coupler 1
Finishing the coupler2232 viewsHere we are putting the step in one end of the coupler so it can fit down into the end-bell of the motor.Feb 13, 2009
Starting the 1st version of the Motor Coupler4617 viewsHere we are starting work on the first version of the coupler to connect the 2 Impulse 9" motors.
This is going to be a single piece coupler that press-fits on both shafts.
Feb 13, 2009
Boring the hole in the motor coupler2298 viewsHere we are boring the hole for the motor shaft. 1/2 the hole has to be a larger diameter since it's coupling a tail shaft to a main shaft.Feb 13, 2009
Finished Coupler3374 viewsThe finished coupler. (Well, I did have to have 2 keyways cut into it, and drill some holes for set screws after this.)Feb 13, 2009
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