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Last additions - Motor Coupler 2
Finished and drilled couplers3190 viewsThis is the finished coupler assembly with all the screws that will be used to hold them together.Feb 13, 2009
Boring coupler shaft holes1981 viewsThis time we wanted to be SURE our boring bar wouldn't flex, so we built a much stronger one.
We also are using much better cutting tips.
Feb 13, 2009
Motor coupler work2033 viewsContinuing work on the couplerFeb 13, 2009
Finished Couplers and Flywheel mount2228 viewsThese are the finished couplers and the Flywheel mount.Feb 13, 2009
Starting the 2nd version of the Motor Coupler2223 viewsAfter our near-disaster with the 1st motor coupler, we decided to build the new one as a 2 piece unit. This will allow the motors to be separated if needed.Feb 13, 2009
Shortening the coupler1947 viewsWe did start with a piece of shaft that was too long, and decided it would be easier to cut off the excess with a saw, rather than cutting it all away with the lathe.Feb 13, 2009
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