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2089 viewsSep 21, 2010
2013 viewsSep 21, 2010
Decals on back4809 viewsI finally got the Decals on the truck.
Hopefully I'll get some good pictures of the ones on the sides as well.
Apr 18, 2010
Driveway Sign from a distance3559 viewsThis shows the placement of the new sign.Nov 24, 2009
Driveway Sign2667 viewsI added a sign where the Driveway splits. (It actually loops around, so it really doesn't matter which way you go... :-)Nov 24, 2009
Version 2 Genest Rack3738 viewsThe one worked pretty well, though I couldn't use the Sparrow rear body panel. I just mounted the license plate on the genset rack instead.Oct 09, 2009
Version 2 Genset Rack3553 viewsOct 09, 2009
Version 1 Genset Rack3623 viewsOct 09, 2009
Version 1 Genset Rack3751 viewsThis one was nice in that the Sparrow "rear panel" would just slide into the tubes. Just had to extend the wiring to reach.
The problem was that with all the weight of me and Genset, it would bottom out when going over big bumps.
Oct 09, 2009
Tiva being annoyed with Homer4012 viewsHomer recently moved in next to Tiva, and a week later she decides to start being annoyed with him.Sep 27, 2009
DC cabling6154 viewsThis shows the DC power cableing done - except for the battery boxes themselves.May 29, 2009
Gauges6115 viewsI've mounted 4 gauges on the dash.
Charge Current, Pack Voltage, Battery Current, Motor Current.
May 29, 2009
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