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Motor wiring, parallel3115 viewsThis shows how I originally wired the 2 motors in parallel to the Z2K controller.May 15, 2009
120V, 20A charge port3652 viewsAs you can see, it has the sideways prong to only allow a 20A rated cord to plug into it.
I'll carry an adapter for those times I need to plug into a 15A or less outlet.
May 15, 2009
120v, 20A charge port3402 viewsThis is the 120V, 20A charge port.May 15, 2009
240v charge port2921 viewsMay 15, 2009
240V, 50A charge port4937 viewsThis is the 240V 50A charge port with a jack for a CS6364 plug.May 15, 2009
Charge Port Door switch5331 viewsThis shows how I mounted a switch on each of the charge port doors. (used to be gas tank doors!)
This switch will tell the Z2K controller if either of the charge port doors is open, and if so, it won't let the truck "start".
Really helpful to prevent driving off with the cord still plugged in.
May 15, 2009
240v charge port2929 viewsMay 15, 2009
Breaker Box (again)3039 viewsMay 15, 2009
PFC mount4436 viewsThis shows how the PFC 50 charger is mounted under the hood.
It's at an angle so that I can easily reach the controls.
The 2 meters in the wiring station are a 50A AC Ammeter, and a 300V AC Voltmeter. Useful for adjusting the charger for whatever I happen to be plugged in to.
May 15, 2009
Breaker Box w/mechanical interlock6058 viewsThis is the breaker box that is mounted on the truck. It has a 240V, 50A GFCI breaker, and a 20A 120V (dual) breaker.
Each breaker enables one of the charge ports. Only 1 can be "on" at a time due to the rather simple mechanical interlock.
May 15, 2009
2630 viewsMay 15, 2009
2149 viewsMay 15, 2009
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