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Zilla Mounted4069 viewsThis shows where the Z2K Controller is mounted.
Zilla Mounted2550 viewsA closer view of the Z2K mount
Zilla Coolant Pump3179 viewsI bought a submersible pump for the Z2K cooling. I'm going to use the existing coolant reservoir from the truck as the tank.
I had to cut a hole in the top so I could insert the pump.
RPM sensor4493 viewsThis shows how I mounted the Z2K RPM sensor to the tailshaft of the motor.
Motor wiring, parallel3116 viewsThis shows how I originally wired the 2 motors in parallel to the Z2K controller.
Motor wiring, Series4922 viewsAfter discussing things with several people, I decided to wire the motors in series.
This is because I have a fairly hi voltage page, and should be able to get enough RPM's even with the motors in series.
Also gives much better torque.
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