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Pulling the engine10262 viewsRemoving the 460cui gas engine. (Having a forklift really made this easier.)
All 762 pounds of it!
Motor-Motor mount ends2839 viewsWe started with some scrap plate steel from the local recycle place.
Motor-Motor mount body1987 viewsAnd a piece of old iron pipe from the same place.
Motor-Motor mount rough2104 viewsHere is the mount after some work in the lathe on both the raw pieces.
Motor-Motor mount access holes2103 viewsIt was interesting putting the access holes in the mount.
Motor-Motor mount welded1867 viewsHere is the mostly finished mount all welded together.
Motor-Motor mount test fit2238 viewsHow it fits on one of the motors.
Bigger holes in the Impulse 91810 viewsWe decided that the rather small bolt holes in the end bells of the Impulse 9" motors were just too small.
So we drilled and tapped all of them out to a 7/16" bolt thread.
Motor-Motor mount drilled2032 viewsMounting holes drilled and primer applied.
Motor-Motor mount finished2749 viewsPainted all pretty
Position motors9255 viewsMotors were mounted to the transmission, then lifted in from below.
Transmission was then bolted to it's mounts, and the motors placed on blocks to keep everything in position
Building Motor Mounting Framework8333 viewsWe decided it was easiest to juts build the motor mounting framework in place. Carefully cut pieces and clamp them in place, then tack weld it all together.
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